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LEGAL NOTES  – Terms of use of the website “


1. General Provisions

1.1 For the purposes of these Terms of Use for User means the person using the services offered by site, either if it does no consultation of the information therein included both proceeded if the use of the areas reserved.

1.2 The use of the site is governed by these terms of use, the acceptance of which is an agreement between the User and the owner, and is provided with the mere fact of navigation on Web pages.

1.3 Additional terms and conditions will be in place by the Owner to the discipline of individual services offered on the Site: the User must comply with them to take advantage of their relative goods and services.

1.4 The law applicable to transactions arising from use of the service is the Italian one, the light of which will also have interpreted these terms of use.

1.5 By the end of the service Owner indicates uniquely Sengioc Srl, Via Maria Vittoria 6 10123, Torino.

1.6 The Owner reserves the right at any time even substantial changes to these terms of use, putting aware of the User by posting on the Site. Access following the change involves the complete acceptance by the User of the new conditions of use .

1.7 In the text are mentioned purely computer terms, commonly recognized and with an exclusive meaning that, until proven otherwise expressed instance, are supposed to be known and understood by the user of the site and the services offered for it.


2. Requirements and User’s obligations.

2.1 The User agrees not to access restricted areas if it is not the true and lawful owner of the access credentials.


3. Additional obligations of the User.

3.1 The User is obliged to make use of the website and the services offered for it in timely and constant compliance with the law, public order and morality (including customary rules attributable to the so-called Netiquette), and as provided in these conditions of use.

3.2 In the event that the User accesses to its reserved area to supplement or amend their personal data, he is obliged to provide true and strictly necessary information to the enjoyment of services provided by the Fund.

3.3 On this account, the User agrees to use the same, and in any case related user-id and password, legitimately and properly, especially in light of the legal consequences associated with such use.

3.4 The User shall keep with due care and diligence the user-id and passwords related to his account, and in case of theft and loss is obliged to promptly notify and request deactivation.

3.5 The User is obliged to give timely notice to the Owner The fact that the loss or theft of the access credentials (user-id and password): in the absence of such notice, all the manifestations of will, the acts and facts of production of legal effects made through the User’s account will be indisputably attributed to him.

3.6 Sengioc Srl is not responsible in any way of the illegal consultation of personal data contained in the restricted area by unauthorized third parties that may have become aware of the Authentication credentials of the User due to the negligence of the latter.

3.7 The User agrees not to disturb in any way the use of the service by other Users.

3.8 Is forbidden to the User to copy or otherwise learn the content of the website, in any of his parts, for use other than strictly personal and, anyway, for commercial use, subject to the requirements of the rules on the right of ‘author and / or industrial law.

3.9 If the user proceeds to the publication of site content on a social network, on his own account, it assumes any liability that might arise.


4. obligations, warranties and disclaimers of the Owner.

4.1 The Owner agrees to provide to the User the online experience on the website and the services it offered, as well as communication-related instruments, taking care of the implementation compatible to the current state of evolution of computer tools.

4.2 Subject to the item above, the Owner, considering the fact that some pages of the Site are allocated on other people’s Web space and managed by them, does not accept any liability for any interruption and / or suspension of the service and / or other limitation of the availability of the service itself in its entirety, for its technical problems and / or third parties generated by factors or circumstances beyond its control. In case of problems in the operation of parts of the site, the user can report them at

4.3 The Owner has the right to use alternative means of communication and / or publication and / or accessories to the Site, to make available the services offered to shippers, even using, by way of example, linking techniques or mirroring.

4.4 The Holder is not responsible for any use of this web site and the services offered for it in violation of the law, morality or public order, or in contravention of the provisions of the present conditions of use.

4.5 The Owner does not offer any guarantee as to the updating of information included in the website.

4.6 The Owner has no control over links to other Web sites and their content, present in their pages. If the connection is attributable to a site offering more services via the Owner, its use will be regulated by the use of the features provided by the service provider itself.

4.7 The Owner is not liable for any damage and / or loss and / or malfunctions and / or loss of any kind arising from the use of the Electronic User’s processor by the same service provided, nor for any contamination of the computer system arising from access, interconnection, downloading of material and computer programs from the site; its repair / restoration costs remain on the User’s responsibility.


5. Intellectual Property

5.1 This Web Site is protected by law in Italy in the field of copyright.

5.2 User may not copy or otherwise learn, publish, broadcast, transmit or otherwise make available, even partially and / or following amendments, as published in the web site, except in cases where that is expressly provided in the site, as for example, to the publication of some content on Social Network.


6 Final Provisions

6.1 The Owner reserves the unilateral right to edit, suspend or interrupt the website and the services it offered, and the modification, suspension or account termination of the individual user.

6.2 The Owner reserves also to follow up future business and advertising activities, even for a fee, by using the website of any logo and / or trademark of third parties, including banner ads and any other advertising insertion for promotion and marketing, direct and / or indirect, of any goods, product and service.


7 Jurisdiction

7.1 The use of the services provided by the Owner via the website is unauthorized in any jurisdiction that does not give effect to all provisions issued on the terms of use, including, without limitation, this paragraph.