The posters represent the history of art from the beginning of the ‘900 to the present day through a process that testifies to the economic development – social of our society.

All styles are present: from Liberty to Art Nouveau, from Futurism to Symbolism, from Abstract to Realism, accomplices great artists such as L. Cappiello, M. Dudovich, Lucio Fontana, Mucha, M. Nizzoli, A. Testa, Toulouse Lautrec… the list is endless.


A slight investment to turn your apartment into a concentrate of modernity.

Posters important, famous, shared and loved by the public have been reissued. Surely the most popular are those born near the first edition, or necessity of their client, or printed from the original with high quality paper and printing, and almost always be placed chronologically in the years between 1950 and 1970.
Example-known Sestriere poster designed by Boccasile and reissued with overlay for the 2° Cesana – Sestriere 1-2 Luglio 1978.

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Contract Advertising poster designed by Leonetto Cappiello: excellence, design and made in Italy known all over the world.

The design and graphics are typical of the 20s and represent a brilliant summary of elegance, true luxury and good taste of the past, as well as build a great little gem ideal for every vintage furnishings: from home to office representative, to public places such as hotels and restaurants. Interesting as a piece of furniture, but surely even more attractive as an investment might be called the Rolex posters.

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They were born before the posters or cinema?
The only sure thing is that they are inextricably linked. Over the years, the film posters have undergone a metamorphosis: if the former were designed by leading illustrators (Ballester, Brini, Captains, Deseta, Martinati, Nano …) those following were purely photographic.

The production of this type of posters is immense, immense like the number of films produced and a percentage but a few have become real must (007 Licenza di uccidere, 007 Si vive solo due volte, Blow up, Colazione da tiffany, the first King Kong, Metropolis…) so much for purely their market value, but the real must for every buyer is able to leverage on the emotion of his own personal recollection.

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Collectibles, but also protagonists in interior decoration, vintage posters from our collection will give your home a unique touch of coops. A timeless charm at the same time modern and contemporary.